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September is well and truly here. For most of us, that means darker evenings, finding the controls for the heating (even if you’re rocking an awesome Macros Inc hoodie) and – for those of us with kids – packing them off to school. 

For us, ‘Back to School’ season is also an opportunity to kickstart our health and fitness efforts after a summer that’s maybe been a little lazier than we’d have liked. While we love our kids, it’s no secret that they can be incredibly disruptive to our routine during their summer vacation.

Many of us see September as the new January – combining Back to School with an increased focus on doing what’s right for you and your goals. But, according to research, 63% of moms find ‘Back to School Season’ difficult for a number of reasons. 

To help, we polled our expert coaches (who have kids of all ages) and asked them what their top tips were for ensuring you can make positive changes to cope with ‘Back to School Season’ before the chaos of the festive period sets in. 

1. Back to School, Back to Simple

Make the smallest changes possible that will get you closer to your goals. With any ‘new start’ period, it’s very tempting to go all-in with a completely new routine – but, in September especially, we’re often having to deal with simply ‘getting back to normal’. Maybe you’ve got post-vacation finances that need sorting, new schools to be dealing with, and other things that sap your energy – before long, it can become very overwhelming. 

At times like this, stripping your efforts back to what is necessary (rather than what’s optimal) is key.

Eat sufficient calories and protein for your goals. Move often (ideally lift weights a few times a week). Get enough sleep. Make sure you find time to laugh, have family meals, and look after your mental wellbeing.


2. Have a Healthy Food Environment 

Teenagers eat like starving horses – we know. 

(I was one, once).

We also know what they usually ask for as soon as they walk through the door. 

Having healthy snacks available for them, and putting the junk behind closed doors – or buried in the bottom of the pantry somewhere – will not only help them stay fit and healthy but also make sure you’re not prone to snacking on things that will blow your calorie budget. 


3. Find Family-Friendly Exercise 

Doing activities as a family is an awesome way to bond, and can also double up as some extra exercise that you (probably) won’t even notice. 

Hiking, playing basketball in the yard, walking the dog together – it all adds up. If you’re competitive, why not do a weekly step challenge as a family?


4. Hold Yourself Accountable

It’s what you do when no one’s watching that makes the difference. 

Now, you can either try and get past this via getting more ‘disciplined’. 

(This is hard, and – with kids getting in the way, probably impossible)

Or you can ensure that you spend less time with no one watching. This can be a friend, a family member, or a colleague – or you could join over 1,000 others in choosing a Macros Inc coach to support you. As well as finally having someone take your health and fitness as seriously as you do, you’ll have one of our coaches firmly in your corner to support you, educate you, and hold you accountable.



5. Make Your Workouts an Appointment

Your diary is likely to get very full, very quick. One sure-fire way to ensure you still hit your workout goals is to treat your workouts like you would any other appointment.

Once they’re in the diary, that’s it – they’re non-negotiable. 

You can get creative with a ‘swear jar’ approach for ‘cancellation fees’ if you really want – but for most people the simple act of writing down exactly when they’re going to workout in their diary is enough to see results. 


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