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The title of this article is a great example of a headline that grabs your attention and makes you wonder. Who wouldn’t want 8 simple reasons why you’re not losing weight laid out for them? This is clickbait, because it hooks your attention and then you suddenly have an itch that needs to be scratched. The only way to relieve that itch is to open the article and read it. The problem is, when it comes to topics like this, the article often is trying to sell you something, or worse spews incorrect or irrelevant information. In reality, there is only one reason you’re not losing weight: you are not eating in caloric deficit. While there may be many reasons that you are not in a deficit it really boils down to two main causes. 

Cause number 1: you are not tracking properly

Cause number 2: your numbers are not calculated correctly


It’s as simple as that.

As I mentioned, those two causes encompass many other reasons for not being in a caloric deficit. For example, one thing people really struggle with is consistency. They’ll track everything 100% Monday through Friday, but come the weekend, they indulge in whatever they damn well please. This falls under cause number 1: not tracking properly.

Perhaps the 2nd biggest reason why you’re not losing weight is that you inadvertently overestimate your activity level. A lot of people think they are more active than they actually are and they calculate using a moderate or high activity level. Consequently, they end up using an inflated calorie goal. This would fall under cause number 2: numbers incorrectly calculated. 

Finally, I would say a 3rd reason why people fail is due to inaccurate math, which also falls under cause number 1. Math isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Here are just a few examples of common math related errors made when tracking

  • Reading and entering correct serving sizes
  • Weighing and tracking raw/dry versus cooked
  • Tracking app entries that aren’t double checked
  • Creating complex recipes
  • Weighing in grams or ounces versus using volume measuring devices

It’s a learning process to understand how to track things accurately. As a coaching company, this is one of the biggest things we work on one on one with our clients.


The biggest obstacle to overcome if you’re not losing weight

As a final note, I will simply state the obvious: some people just aren’t serious enough about losing weight. It’s much more comfortable to stay where you’re at, to stay with what you know. Tracking, weighing, and counting your food is something that everyone CAN do, however it’s not something that everyone WANTS to do. No one said it would be easy, but if you want serious results, you’ve got to be seriously disciplined.

We understand that it can also be frustrating at first. But we are here to help! Our Facebook group is free to join and we can guide you through this and give you all the right information you need in order to grasp the macro lifestyle. Send us a join request: 


Don’t Give Up

Don’t be one of those people who gives in to their frustrations and says “I cannot hit 150 grams of protein” and then binges on 400 grams of carbs and fats. Start asking questions in the group to find out what other people are doing to reach their goals. The group is filled with people who are going through the same things you are. Don’t be afraid of failing. Everyone fails, but the more you get back up and try again, the less you fail and the more you’ll succeed. Remember, the fears you don’t face become your limits.