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What It DOESN’T Take To Lose Weight

What it DOESN'T take to lose weight

Despite there being more information available to mankind than in any other time in history, there is still a lot of confusion about what people should actually do to successfully lose weight Do they need to follow a specific diet? Do they need to follow a 90 day workout challenge? In fact…most of us have […]

The Algebra of Fat Loss: Fat Loss Miniseries Part 1

fat loss

Most people come to our community looking for improving their physical health and fitness through weight loss and exercise.This miniseries is going to outline the lessons we have learned coaching people over the last several decades of our careers as coaches. Part 1: It’s About Knowing the Levers to Pull. Losing body fat is essentially […]

Build Your Life: Maintenance Miniseries Part 10

Build Your Life

I woke up this morning in my house at around 5:00 AM in my nice warm bed with my two dogs. I went downstairs into my kitchen that I love, made coffee, opened my email inbox for Macros Inc, and started my work day. As I poured my first cup of coffee I started thinking […]

Yes, You Have to Build Nutrition Habits and Pay Attention to Your Nutrition Forever.

Nutrition Habits

The goal with all of our clients is to “graduate” them from coaching. We would love them to stay forever from a business perspective, but really we want our coaching to empower them to control their lives after they leave our coaching. A big piece of this involves building nutrition habits that last for life. […]

Beyond Tracking Macros: How to Develop Skills for Life

Tracking Macros

Tracking tools & Learning skills for life.  In the Macros Inc Facebook group, we see posts now and then related to the end goal: breaking free from weighing & tracking macros and using the new skills we learned to proceed without the need for these tools.  Is it possible to be successful without tracking?  Yes, […]

The Scale Stopped Moving… Now What? How to Bust Through a Plateau

Weight Loss Plateau

By: Calvin Huynh | Macros Inc. Coach The Dreaded Plateau The early stages of weight loss are great.  You’re excited, motivated, and it doesn’t take too long for a couple lbs to slip off. However, after weeks and months of dieting, the story can get seemingly grim. Restricting calories, getting your steps in, and staying […]

How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?

How Often should I weigh myself

By: Tom Franclemont | Macros Inc. Coach The Forces of Attraction How frequently do you jump on the scale?   Daily, weekly, maybe only monthly?   Or perhaps you think it’s best to ditch the scale altogether.  Before you do that, let’s discuss what the scale does and how to make it a useful tool for reaching […]

What If I Go Over on One of My Macros?

Over my Macros

Author: Tom Franclemont When Things Don’t Go as Planned You forgot to plan ahead today and it’s not even time for dinner yet, but you’ve already used up all of your fats for the day. What are you possibly going to eat that only has protein and carbs? Don’t worry…your macro targets aren’t that strict! […]

4 Nutrition Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Every year we all take time to outline our goals for the new year and set resolutions. For many people, these resolutions are around dieting or exercise or “getting healthy”. Anyway you slice it, many of these goals will revolve around your nutrition.  We have been around the block and have seen a lot of […]

This simple trick helps you track calories from alcohol.

Did you know that alcohol is actually classed as its own macronutrient? Yes – there are 4 macronutrients, not just the 3 you already knew about in protein, carbohydrates, and fat. In this article, we’re going to show you how to calculate macros for alcohol.  I know – fitness coaches, facilitating alcohol consumption? We don’t […]