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The Best Food Swaps for Heart Health

the best food swaps for heart health

Looking after your heart is of paramount importance. With cardiovascular diseases on the rise, making small mindful choices in our diet can significantly impact our hearts well-being. Focussing on practical food swaps that promote heart health, reducing saturated fats, limiting sodium and looking for nutritious alternatives can all have a positive impact. Understanding Heart Health […]

No Gym, No Problem: Achieving Your Fitness Goals Working Out At Home

working out at home

When it comes to fitness, working out doesn’t have to mean going out. You don’t need to hit the gym to get a good workout. You can accomplish plenty working out at home! Whether you want to build your endurance, increase your strength, burn calories to keep your waistline in check, nourish your health, or […]

Our Top Diet Hacks to Improve Your Heart Health

top diet hacks for heart health

Heart disease is a complex disease that can be caused by many different factors including genetics, environment, and lifestyle. While genetics and environment may not be in our immediate control, lifestyle definitely is.  Diet is one of the most effective lifestyle changes you can make to help lower your risk of heart disease. While you […]

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout (And Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Motivation)

how to stay motivated to workout

Let’s be honest, staying motivated in your fitness journey can feel a challenge in itself at times, even when you’re the really dedicated sort. It’s even harder if you’re the donuts over kale kinda person…so, pretty much all of us. Maintaining momentum and motivation can be tough. But, this is exactly why you should never […]

Growing and Adapting Through Life’s Transitions: A Coach’s Story

an MI coach's story

By Christina Bergeron Embarking on any fitness journey, be it fat loss, maintenance, or muscle building, goes beyond the physical; it’s an emotional rollercoaster, especially during life’s unpredictable transitions. As both a coach and client at Macros Inc., I’ve navigated these ups and downs personally. My story, shaped by my husband’s deployment, echoes the challenges […]

MI Transformation: Overcoming Doubt – Jillian Young’s Macros Inc Success

MI Story - Macros Inc Transformation Challenge

Meet Jillian, one of our five inspiring winners of this year’s 2023 MI Transformation Challenge. We caught up with her shortly after the results were announced to find out how she stumbled upon Macros Inc and what convinced her to jump into coaching. Jillian spills the beans on her coach, and we hear about the […]

What Does Eating Healthy Actually Look Like?

what does eating healthy actually look like

“Eating healthy” is a phrase frequently thrown around, but its meaning can be somewhat elusive. To truly understand what it means to eat healthily, we need to explore this concept in more depth. Let’s dissect it and uncover the key principles that can guide us towards making healthier dietary choices. Defining “Eating Healthy” Eating healthy […]