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Why Meal Plans Don’t Work

Why Meal Plans Don't Work | Macros inc

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and well-being. While there are many approaches to weight loss, meal plans have become a popular tool for individuals looking to shed some pounds.  However, while meal plans may be effective in the short term, they often fail to produce long-term results.  Today, we will explore […]

Tracking Macros or Intermittent Fasting: Do They Work Together?

What is Intermittent Fasting? Put simply, intermittent fasting refers to a method of eating that only allows you to eat during specific times of the day. The exact times do not necessarily matter, but rather that you can only eat during that specific period. For example, you may choose to only eat at breakfast time […]

What Does Eating Healthy Look Like?

Eating Healthy

What Does It Eating Healthy Actually Mean? “I just want to focus on eating healthy…” This is something we hear a lot, but what exactly does that mean? Well… the answer here is actually pretty contextual and depends a lot on who you are and where you are. Let’s dissect this a bit and talk […]

Nutrition for the Holidays

Nutrition for the Holidays

The weeks leading up to the holidays can often be a mental challenge for individuals who are looking to improve their health and fitness, especially when it comes to nutrition for the holidays.  There is often anxiety around holiday meals, parties, events, and travel. Higher calorie foods, alcohol, and lack of a consistent training schedule […]

Is Starvation Mode Real? Metabolic Adaptation: Part 1

Metabolic Adaptation

Starvation Mode… more accurately referred to as Metabolic Adaptation is an often misunderstood concept with arguments being made whether it even exists. This series will flesh this concept out in depth. Here is part 1. What Is Starvation Mode? There is irrefutable evidence that in a caloric deficit the body loses weight. This weight loss […]

Food is Simple, Behavior is Complicated: Food Palatability.


Food is simple, behavior is complicated. It is simple to tell people: to lose weight just lower your calorie intake. It is also simple that lowering your calorie intake is, in fact, the easiest way to lose weight. However, the act of lowering your calorie intake and sustaining that can be complicated, because human behavior […]

Understand Your Weight Loss Timeline: Fat Loss Miniseries Part 2

fat loss timeline

When any of our clients start a weight loss journey we always give them this piece of advice: understand your timeline. One of the most important things you can do when you start off on a fat loss journey is have a good understanding of the timeline you are on. The timelines aren’t complicated, but […]

Supplements That Work: Are you wasting your money?


Most of your supplements are just making expensive urine, how do you separate supplements that work to those that just flush through you? Very few supplements actually do anything productive. Of the ones that do, the effect is small or requires real effort to make them actually make a difference. The rest just make your […]

How Much Protein Can Your Body Absorb At One Time: Is 30 Grams of Protein the Limit?

30 grams of protein

How much protein can your body absorb in one sitting? This is one of the age old questions… and for some reason the internetosphere (I made that up, consider this my copyright) has settled on 30 grams in a meal being the maximum your body can use… but what is the truth, how much protein […]