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10 Things You Should Know About Carbs That Are Supported by Scientific Evidence

10 carb facts backed by science

Carbohydrates, or carbs, have long been a topic of debate and discussion in the world of nutrition and health. From low-carb diets to carb-loading for athletes, there’s a wealth of information out there. However, not all of it is backed by solid scientific evidence. In this article, we’ll delve into 10 things you should know […]

How Hidden Calories Can Stall Your Weight Loss Progress

how hidden calories can stall your weight loss progress | Macros inc

Hidden calories can often derail our efforts to maintain a healthy diet, especially when we overlook seemingly insignificant sources of calories. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of hidden calories, uncovering common culprits, and providing practical tips to eliminate them from your diet. Understanding Hidden Calories Hidden calories refer to those calories […]

How to Read Nutrition Labels

How to read nutrition labels | Macros Inc Guide

When it comes to making healthy choices at the grocery store, knowing how to read nutrition labels is an essential skill. Nutrition labels provide important information about the ingredients, serving size, and nutrient content of packaged foods.  However, with so much information packed into a small space, it can be overwhelming to know what to […]

What Are The Macros In Chicken? Calories and Macros in Chicken Breast, Thigh, Drumstick, Wings and More

Macros in chicken thighs, wings, drumsticks and more | Macros inc

Chicken is a versatile and delicious protein that can be enjoyed in a wide variety of dishes. Whether you’re a fan of crispy chicken wings, succulent chicken thighs, or juicy chicken breasts, there’s a cut of chicken out there for everyone. But beyond just taste, chicken is also a great source of nutrition, offering a […]

Why Meal Plans Don’t Work

Why Meal Plans Don't Work | Macros inc

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and well-being. While there are many approaches to weight loss, meal plans have become a popular tool for individuals looking to shed some pounds.  However, while meal plans may be effective in the short term, they often fail to produce long-term results.  Today, we will explore […]

Intermittent Fasting and Tracking Macros: Do They Work Together?

Intermittent fasting and tracking macros, do they work together?

What is Intermittent Fasting? Put simply, intermittent fasting refers to a method of eating that only allows you to eat during specific times of the day. The exact times do not necessarily matter, but rather that you can only eat during that specific period. For example, you may choose to only eat at breakfast time […]

Nutrition for the Holidays

Nutrition for the Holidays

The weeks leading up to the holidays can often be a mental challenge for individuals who are looking to improve their health and fitness, especially when it comes to nutrition for the holidays.  There is often anxiety around holiday meals, parties, events, and travel. Higher calorie foods, alcohol, and lack of a consistent training schedule […]

Is Starvation Mode Real? Metabolic Adaptation: Part 1

Metabolic Adaptation

Starvation Mode… more accurately referred to as Metabolic Adaptation is an often misunderstood concept with arguments being made whether it even exists. This series will flesh this concept out in depth. Here is part 1. What Is Starvation Mode? There is irrefutable evidence that in a caloric deficit the body loses weight. This weight loss […]