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Tracking Macros or Intermittent Fasting: Do They Work Together?

Tracking Macros or Intermittent Fasting | Macros Inc Blog

What is Intermittent Fasting? Put simply, intermittent fasting refers to a method of eating that only allows you to eat during specific times of the day. The exact times do not necessarily matter, but rather that you can only eat during that specific period. For example, you may choose to only eat at breakfast time […]

What It DOESN’T Take To Lose Weight

What it DOESN'T take to lose weight

Despite there being more information available to mankind than in any other time in history, there is still a lot of confusion about what people should actually do to successfully lose weight Do they need to follow a specific diet? Do they need to follow a 90 day workout challenge? In fact…most of us have […]

Is Starvation Mode Real? Metabolic Adaptation: Part 1

Metabolic Adaptation

Starvation Mode… more accurately referred to as Metabolic Adaptation is an often misunderstood concept with arguments being made whether it even exists. This series will flesh this concept out in depth. Here is part 1. What Is Starvation Mode? There is irrefutable evidence that in a caloric deficit the body loses weight. This weight loss […]

Food is Simple, Behavior is Complicated: Food Palatability.


Food is simple, behavior is complicated. It is simple to tell people: to lose weight just lower your calorie intake. It is also simple that lowering your calorie intake is, in fact, the easiest way to lose weight. However, the act of lowering your calorie intake and sustaining that can be complicated, because human behavior […]

Understand Your Weight Loss Timeline: Fat Loss Miniseries Part 2

fat loss timeline

When any of our clients start a weight loss journey we always give them this piece of advice: understand your timeline. One of the most important things you can do when you start off on a fat loss journey is have a good understanding of the timeline you are on. The timelines aren’t complicated, but […]

The Algebra of Fat Loss: Fat Loss Miniseries Part 1

fat loss

Most people come to our community looking for improving their physical health and fitness through weight loss and exercise.This miniseries is going to outline the lessons we have learned coaching people over the last several decades of our careers as coaches. Part 1: It’s About Knowing the Levers to Pull. Losing body fat is essentially […]

Build Your Life: Maintenance Miniseries Part 10

Build Your Life

I woke up this morning in my house at around 5:00 AM in my nice warm bed with my two dogs. I went downstairs into my kitchen that I love, made coffee, opened my email inbox for Macros Inc, and started my work day. As I poured my first cup of coffee I started thinking […]

Yes, You Have to Build Nutrition Habits and Pay Attention to Your Nutrition Forever.

Nutrition Habits

The goal with all of our clients is to “graduate” them from coaching. We would love them to stay forever from a business perspective, but really we want our coaching to empower them to control their lives after they leave our coaching. A big piece of this involves building nutrition habits that last for life. […]