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Why Your Lowest Weight Isn’t Your Forever Weight. Maintenance Miniseries Part 4

After you stop weight loss and go into maintenance your weight will go up a little bit, and it isn’t body fat. You don’t need to freak out or worry about it. Here is a dirty little secret about fat loss… and it might upset you just a smidge, but you need to hear it. […]

You Need to Change Your Timelines. Maintenance Miniseries Part 3

timelines maintenance

One of the things we try and tell our clients is that we need to mentally separate fat loss from maintenance, especially with regard to your timelines. There are several reasons for this. The first is that the timelines on fat loss and maintenance are way different. Fat loss is measured in weeks or months. […]

Thriving at 50: A Client’s Story of Macros Inc. Coaching

A few years ago since being peri-menopausal, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and struggling with debilitating anxiety relating to numerous physical injuries and PTSD after a long policing career, I literally hit the wall! And, to add salt to the wound, a miserable soul destructive sedentary job thrown in the mix, just about did me in! My […]

Getting the Most for Your Calorie Buck with Food Volume

Food Volume

By: Bec Gormley Expect to be hungry when dieting While we should expect some level of hunger while dieting, there are some ways you can reduce the “stomach growls” by making smarter food choices. Dieting doesn’t have to mean LESS food…it just requires LESS calories!  Let’s Talk Food Volume All of our coaches here at […]

Should You Lift or Do Cardio During Weight Loss

Harken yourself back to high school when you were forced to read some Shakespeare. While Shakespeare was arduous for most of us to get through, we do remember one very famous line… Lifting or Cardio, that is the question. OK, fine. Maybe I spun old Billy’s words a bit. But let’s be real for a […]