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This is just a small selection of some of the amazing success stories our members have had!

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Before Macros Inc I really struggled with staying on track, not exceeding calories, being consistent and patient over time. At first, my favourite part of coaching was having someone to keep me accountable and who I could ask questions of and trust to give me evidenced based answers. My coach has been an inspiration, confidante, task manager, and become a friend. I started just wanting to lose weight and tone. I have discovered a passion for fitness I didn’t think I had and gained immeasurable confidence. With Macros Inc coaching, the stars are the limit and I am excited for what my future holds. Britt Mullin

Macros Inc was the starting point for my life changing journey (for the better)! Not only did my confidence sky rocket, I learnt so much along my journey that I will carry with me forever! And my body became something I only dreamt about! My coach was one of a kind! He motivated me, believed in me, helped me reach my goal of competing in a fitness compition and he was an awesome friend along the way! I can not recommend Macros Inc enough! One of a kind! Amazing company! Rebecca Gormly

In November in of 2015, I was 230 lbs and had just made my first venture into the world of powerlifting when I had a back injury that put a huge wrinkle into pursuing that path. As a former college baseball player, professional wrestler and a semi successful high school basketball coach,I was familiar with injuries and how, if not handled appropriately,can sideline an athlete especially a 42 year old wannabe like me. At that point, I answered an ad on Facebook about how to improve my overall health and it was through that ad,that I became acquainted with Macros Inc. They never tried to sway me with any quick fix, miracle diets or pills. My coach simply, introduced me to the If it fits your macros diet. Through his simple plan, I was able to drop over 50 lbs in a year a half. At one point, he even helped me prep for a bodybuilding contest. After getting down to a lean 175, I just couldn’t deal with the frustration of dieting to that extreme and all the constant questions of where had all my muscle mass gone. Lol. So, at that point, I decided to just stick with a body weight of around 188-190 and to focus on getting stronger. With that said, on a whim,I did decide to cut down to 182 to compete in a recent powerlifting contest at my local gym. I was able to win first place in, both, my age group and my weight class despite cutting 8 lbs in a 24 hour period. After that competition, I reconnected with my Macros Inc coach and he has jumped right back in by helping with my diet and training for the next 8 weeks for another competition. The photo on the left is Nov. 2015 and the one on the right is about 20 minutes ago after a workout in my garage. I haven’t told you any of this to say “look at me” or brag on myself but simply to tell you that if you have the right guidance and, simply, the will to be better and trainer from Macros Inc, you can do it. I truly believe that if I can, anyone can. Thank you for your time and God Bless you all. John Noble

Joining Macros Inc has been one of the best decisions of my life. The amount of information and direction I’ve been given since joining is bar none. My coach, has not just helped me lose weight and transform my physique, but also has completely changed my mindset. I am so motivated to meet my ultimate goals of building more lean muscle mass, and I know that with his help, I can accomplish absolutely anything I want. He provides so much support and feedback…you will never feel like just “another client.” Whether you’re prepping for a competition, or just looking to drop a few pounds, at Macros Inc, everyone is treated equally. I highly recommend a coach….it will bring your training and nutrition to a whole new level! Francine Durnford

I am so thankful for the wonderful and supportive coaches on this page. I have been working with my Macros Inc coach for several months and he is always supportive and very quick to respond with any questions or concerns I have. I trust him and his expertise and greatly appreciate the work he puts in to make me the best I can be. I have learned so much from this lifestyle and am very thankful to have a coach who makes me feel comfortable, yet accountable. Katie Walker

Going the coaching route was a game changer for me, until then results were slow and my training program was lacking. I needed the accountability and I learned tons from my coach about weight training and proper nutrition. Robynne Devine

A huge thanks to my Macros Inc coach! I feel amazing, my workouts have been really good, I’ve added weight to nearly everything and I can see muscles everywhere that I never had before. I’ve been wearing my cropped top in the gym and walking back from the beach in shorts and a bikini top! Im wearing short shorts! I will be 58 years old in 18 days and I feel fitter and prouder of my body than ever before. I am so so happy that I stumbled across Macros Inc one day on Facebook. You guys are the best! I’m graduating with my coach and I’m a little sad that I won’t be checking in each week, yet so proud of myself that I know I’m going to be ok by myself. Plus I know I still have the Client group if I have any questions. -Suzanne Suzanne Mays

I am 44 years old, mom of 2: 13 y/o and 4 y/o. I started my fitness journey when my youngest was a little over a year old
by signing up to a Beachbody program. That went well, but I felt that I was missing accountability. In January of 2017 I hired a local personal trainer, who developed a weightlifting program for me and put me on a meal plan.I lost weight fast but was quite miserable as I was hungry all the time and I don’t do hungry well. I abandoned the program by the end of March 2017 as the food part was not sustainable – my poor family was suffering from my mood swings as badly as I was suffering from being hungry.
By Sep 2017, I was back to where I was with a vacation coming up in early January. So I decided to hire another local PT for nutrition and selected a beachbody program focusing on weight lifting. Again, I was given a strict 12-weeks meal plan to follow. I was happy with my weight loss, but unhappy with the constant hungry-ness and inflexibility of the meal plan.
In November, I discovered Macros Inc and in early December signed up for nutritional coaching.
You can say that the strict meal plan scenario I had prior to hiring Marcos Inc. would have worked and I would agree with you. BUT in the first scenario, I would probably be back to square one by now as I wouldn’t have been able to sustain the strict meal plan and go on with my life.
We are now in September 2018 and with Marcos Inc, I am maintaining my goal weight and  never go to bed hungry. I eat sushi and ice cream regularly because I like them and make them fit. I signed up for training plan with Marcos Inc. in May 2018 and work on building those muscles 🙂 I honestly don’t think I was in a better shape ever in my life. As am writing this testimonial, there is an ad on TV for South Beach Diet plan “where you can lose up to 9 pounds and 3 inches around your waist in just 2 weeks” and thinking about all the people that buy into it looking for a magic fix that would just miraculously melt the unwanted weight in 2 weeks. And then what?
If you are looking for long lasting results, you should consider Macros Inc. coaching. They don’t sell magic pill, they EDUCATE
on how to realistically reach your goals and maintain them once achieved. They guide you trough the process and hold you accountable.
They are awesome!
Kate Amangoulova

I’ve been working with my Macros Inc coach for a while now, and have had nothing but great experiences with him. Thanks to his persistent style of coaching (which I specifically requested!) he’s on my ass to make sure I stay on top of my nutrition by keeping my goals in mind. The programming he’s written for me is some of the most challenging I’ve done in the few years that I’ve been lifting. I would 100% recommend this community, group, and coaching service to anyone looking to hone in on their fitness and nutrition, while maintaining a positive balance with life and food. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey to shredsville and a 400 wilks total with Jay and Macros Inc! Shay Kumar

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