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Lisa Hoffman

About Me

Lisa was formally trained as a therapist earning her M.S. in counseling psychology and worked with various populations during her time as a counselor. However, moving around every few years as a military spouse led her to think of a new way to help others while not going crazy looking for a new job every couple of years! She decided to take her interests in fitness and nutrition to the next level and became NASM certified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Now, she can take her love of fitness, nutrition and helping others with her throughout all of her travels! In her down time, you can find Lisa hanging out with her two pups, crafting, bingeing on true crime anything, and traveling!

Super Power

Can find other peoples misplaced items and learn if you own a dog within 10 seconds of meeting.


Behavior change, weight loss, muscle building, lifestyle change, habit building, stress management