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Sara Rieselbach

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Sara is an ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. She is a Macros Inc. client turned coach who spent 22 years working in the field of Cardiac Rehabilitation before deciding to make the switch to the prevention side of health care and become a coach. She has a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology along with Bachelors Degrees in International Businss, Spanish, and Human Kinetics. Her interest in health and fitness began 30 years ago when she started studying Taekwondo and wanted to help her students avoid injuries in class. She is a 6th degree black belt and Master Taekwondo Instructor.

Super Power

Sara knows all things Harry Potter!


Nutrition for fat loss, Muscle building and maintenance, Cardiac and pulmonary issues, Working with older populations, Risk factor modification/behavior & lifestye change, martial arts...specifically Taekwondo & Boxing/Kickboxing