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I would like to welcome you to this week’s episode of Macros Inc Radio, where we are introducing not only very special guests but also a possibly regular new segment on this show.

When we initially decided to broadcast some of our success stories, we firmly decided not to make a podcast version of a testimonial that would serve us from a marketing or any other standpoint. We wanted to be sure that this segment will serve only you.

So we came with the idea to present some of our most beloved clients who have transformed not only their bodies, but consequently their lives, and provide them with a platform where they could share their amazing and inspiring stories. Immediately upon agreeing with this idea, our CEO Jay Woith interrupted me and said – and I quote – “I love that idea. Call Corey, and ask him to set up a conversation with Janice. Janice is awesome.”

And we did exactly that. Corey Robb, Janice’s coach, joined me in a very emotional and highly inspiring discussion. Janice truly proved to be awesome, and if we ever had a “Losing Weight With No Excuses Campaign”, Janice would most certainly be a poster-woman for it. Janice went from being obese and her health was so impaired at one point she literally couldn’t move to get back to playing hockey in her mid-fifties and kicking ass. I hope you’ll enjoy this one as much as Corey and I did.  

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