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In today’s show, we go back to my conversation with the wonderful Andrea Valdez, where we had a more a natural conversation about comparison, identity, and goal setting, than approaching it from a place of a structured interview. Mostly because, well, I accidentally deleted my notes. So – We continued our dialogue on topics you, dear listeners, suggested.

So, in this episode: 

  • Andrea and I defined productive vs counter-productive and harmful comparison
  • We touched on the importance of knowing yourself 
  • The two of us agreed that comparison is a normal aspect of human behaviour, but we tried to explain the power of context when we compare ourselves, or our success, to other people and their achievements
  • The power of identity and danger of labels, where Andrea talks about her incredibly difficult time and issues that stemmed from the identity crisis
  • We also talked about self-love and taking care of words we say to ourselves
  • And we concluded our dialogue on the topic of realistic goal-setting and its role in overcoming identity and comparison issues 

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