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How It Works


When high quality training is combined with a high quality diet, employees maximize results. Your employees will rave about the amazing results and increase their productivity.

We offer competitive rates and discounts to your employees for coaching. Employees can either pay directly or employers can cover the cost of the coaching.

We work with you directly to determine cost structures based on the number of employees.


Nutrition lectures are monthly webinars that are free for your employees. They can also access previous lectures.

These lectures are hosted by industry leading experts and cover topics from everyday nutrition myths to how your body can adapt to weight loss.

Every month, you’ll be provided with a link and an email template that you can email out to your employees, as well as flyers to post in your facility. Your members register for the webinar and can attend from home or watch at a later time. You’ll also be emailed a list of employees who attended.

There is no cost, fees, or charges to provide this to your employees.


Where most Corporate Wellness programs rely solely on employees to improve their lives, we offer the opportunity for us to work directly with your company to optimize the work environment for wellness.

We will come to your business and hold seminars and conduct an analysis of the environment and offer suggestions to improve the overall environment to increase the efficacy of wellness initiatives.


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