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Today, we are going back to the second part of my dialogue with our guest Peter Baker and my teammate and a co-host Hannah Clausen, where we discuss many topics related to flexible dieting approaches, but we also somehow managed to include Mario Kart, The Dark Tower, and Peter’s inherent, passionate hatred towards tilapia.   

We hope you’ll enjoy it and get something helpful out of it.

In today’s show, we discuss:

  • Reverse dieting
  • How individualised should reverse dieting approaches be
  • Diets and why do they fail us
  • What are diet breaks
  • What are the purposes of a diet break
  • What is flexible dieting and how to approach it
  • Peter gave us an example of his day of flexible dieting
  • How to diet after a diet (i.e. how to eat after a period in a caloric deficit)

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