Effortless Weight Loss This Summer

Weight Loss.

There, I said it.

I got it out in the open.

That is what we are talking about today.

That can mean you are wanting to lose 200 pounds, or you are looking to drop that last 2% body fat so your 19 pack is looking perfect for the beach.

Weight loss occurs on that spectrum and today we are going to talk about how to make your weight loss “effortless” this summer.

Now I need a quick caveat here. There will be some effort, but the goal here is to show you how to enjoy your summer doing the things you love and have those things be assets you use to make weight loss much easier.

So let’s just jump right into it here.

When we think about weight loss, there is one major thing on the “calories out” side of things we can control with our daily lives: our Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (AKA NEAT)

NEAT represents the largest controllable portion of our energy expenditure (calories out).

weight loss

When we look at a lot of studies and ask ourselves “why do some people gain weight while others do not” or “why do some people lose more weight than others”, NEAT generally is the leading variable that explains those differences.

So. What do we do with this information and what does it mean?

Well, summer is when we have the most opportunity to increase our NEAT while having fun.

You can very easily double, triple, or even 10X your daily NEAT levels by just changing some of your daily habits and doing more of the things you love to do in the summer.

So, what can you do this summer to fire up your NEAT?

Here are just a few things.

WALK: You burn twice as many calories per hour walking as you do sitting.

SWIM: Swimming burns 5 times as many calories per hour as sitting

BIKE: You burn 3-10 times as many calories per hour as you do sitting

HIKE: You can burn up to 15 times as many calories per hour hiking a mountain as you do sitting.

Getting outside, moving, engaging in activities you enjoy as leisure activities can SUBSTANTIALLY improve your ability to lose weight when done consistently.

Make this the summer of enjoyable movement and speed up your results!

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