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In today’s episode, Macros Inc Director of Coaching, Corey Robb joined me as a co-host in a discussion with one of our favourite people in the science-based fitness/nutrition sphere – Dr Brad Dieter.

Corey and I used the opportunity to pick Dr Dieter’s brain on everything related to fad diets and extreme dieting protocols. And because Brad has an exceptional level of knowledge on these topics which are part of his expertise, I thought we had a very productive conversation.

In this week’s show, we discuss:

  • Reasons why fad diets exist and how they emerge
  • Motivations behind promoting and perpetuating extreme rigid dieting protocols
  • The Carnivore diet
  • How to challenge our beliefs when we are convinced that an extreme protocol is the only thing that works for us and should work for everyone else
  • Why education on nutrition is vital
  • How we as coaches are helping our clients transition from a fad diet to a more feasible, sustainable approach
  • The popularity of the Paleo diet and its connection to Crossfit
  • We also ventured into a more philosophical conversation about dieting elitism, sanctimonious behaviour that stems from it, and how a skewed perception of masculinity and alpha-maleness ties into extreme diets
  • Dieting industry, marketing, consumerism, and who financially benefits of fad diets
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