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This one is our first guest-Q&A episode where we engaged you guys through our community, and who better to join me in answering your questions, than the Ginger Ninja himself, Patrick Umphrey.

Patrick is the CEO of Eat, Train, Progress, a fitness expert and an excellent online personal coach. Not only did he practically single-handedly created one of the best online communities – apart from ours, of course – he is someone with immense knowledge, years of experience in coaching others, and up to this point, he helped a countless number of people. He isn’t just my personal friend, but a dear friend of Macros Inc and one of our biggest supporters.

So, as I said, the episode at hand is a Q&A session, and you’ll find the original thread where our community members asked the following questions in the show notes. We want you to know that we would love for you to join our Facebook group titled simply – Macros Inc – and get involved in future Q&A episodes.

Both Patrick and I would also, once again, extend our apologies and regret not having enough time to answer all of your questions within this episode, but we did our best to address the rest of them in the original thread in our Facebook group.

Thank you all for tuning in, we hope you’ll enjoy it, and Let’s jump straight into it.

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