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Allow me to start by expressing our utter gratitude. We have received a tonne of messages, comments, and overall incredible feedback from you, dear listeners, and I just wanted to say one more time – thank you all, on behalf of the entire Macros Inc team for overwhelming us with love. We genuinely have not expected such a magnificent reception, to be showered with so much love.

You people are the reason we’re doing this, and you are just absolutely brilliant. We cannot be happier to have such tremendous support. Please know that we appreciate you immensely, and we love you.

So, without any further ado – I truly hope you’ll enjoy the Part 2 of this guest-Q&A episode, where Paddy and I answered questions from our community members. All the questions were asked in the Macros Inc Facebook group, and if you haven’t yet joined, please consider doing so. We would be thrilled to have you.

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