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This episode is the second part of my dialogue with the Macros Inc CEO Jay Woith. It’s not a continuation of our discussion from the first part, but a Q&A episode where we answer your questions. Some of our community members asked questions specifically about the company, our services, plans, what it takes to be a Macros Inc coach, who should consider and who shouldn’t invest in our service, etc., so we decided to address them here.

I would also like to emphasize that all of the questions Jay’s answering in this episode our members asked in our public Facebook group that’s currently getting close to 80,000 members. Even though we’re continually growing and aiming to reach as many people as we can, hard-working individuals are moderating the group, and we have still preserved the extraordinarily welcoming and friendly atmosphere and culture with a focus on helping people and creating a support system.  I implore you to join our community. You can either Facebook-search keywords “Macros Inc”, or follow the links in the show notes.

Thank you for tuning in, and I hope we answered your questions well.

You can download the podcast transcription here