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In today’s show, I host our director of coaching, Corey Robb and one his most successful clients, Cheryl Poth, and certainly one of the dearest and most amazing human beings that I have crossed paths with. 

I had a privilege to ask Cheryl some personal and candid questions about her past struggles with health and weight management, and how she quite literally transformed not only her body but her entire lifestyle. Cheryl went from a place where she was genuinely fearful of spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair, in her forties, to improving her health and fitness to the point where now, in her fifties, she is chasing to lose 90 lbs in total, she is able to relive her past passion – running – and perform more demanding physical activities than she was capable of in her forties, thirties, and even twenties. 

We also talked about: 

  • The time when – and the reasons why – Cheryl decided to completely change her life
  • How she initially gained a lot of weight
  • And then losing and regaining a lot of weight through Weight Watchers’ program on four separate occasions
  • Cheryl talks about not being able to tie her shoes and walk up the stairs and how she started losing weight and moving again, which eventually led her to us
  • Corey tells us about the initial plan and the struggles they faced together in the starting stage of their coaching relationship
  • The two of them talked about the initial goals, obstacles, and the importance of learning and patience
  • I asked Cheryl about her initial scepticism and concerns about online coaching and our service
  • Both Cheryl and Corey discuss how their coaching relationship has evolved 

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