How Diets Work

How Diets Work





South Beach.


The list is endless.

There are indeed a million ways to diet.

I mean shoot, there is even the McDonald’s diet where you lose weight just eating McDonald’s.

The funny thing is, all diets work.

No joke. You can effectively lose some level of weight on any diet.

If that is the case, why do we do what we do at Macros Inc?

Well, instead of telling you the answer, I want to sort of walk you through it.

Diets are based on one of 6 main principles:
1) Food Group Restriction – You can’t eat certain food groups.
2) Macronutrient Restriction – You can’t eat certain macronutrient groups.
3) Macronutrient Ratio Focus – You have to eat a specific ratio.
4) Positive Food Selection – You have to eat a specific set of foods.
5) Habit Based Diets – You have to utilize specific habits around food.
6) Meal Replacement Diets – You have to replace meals with certain supplements or meal replacements.

What is interesting when you dive into each of these 6 diet archetypes you notice that fundamentally they all do one thing.

They lower food intake.

Each diet has different mechanisms of doing so but they fall under one of the following mechanisms:

1)  Habit Change.
2)  Food Restriction.
3)  Reduced Palatability.
4) Hunger Management.

Which all lead to caloric restriction. Fundamentally that is how diets work.

Here is what this looks like from a visual perspective.

Now what does this look like with some of the popular diets out there?

Great question!

Here is what this looks like for Keto and Intermittent Fasting

As you can see, each diet has different aspects to it, but how that diet works, fundamentally is the same: several different mechanisms lead to caloric restriction.

Ok, so now the big question… Why Macros Inc?

Well, the answer is relatively simple.

Macros Inc takes an approach that allows you to chose any way of dieting you want.

We help you understand the caloric restriction aspect of your diet.

We help you set up your diet so you actually get long term sustainable results.

Imagine it like your household finances.

We help you set your budget, plan for retirement, and even give you advice on how to earn more money.

In that vein, Warren Buffet once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

At Macros, we fundamentally “de-risk” your dieting life by helping you understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.