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“I just want to look toned!”

Ok, I get you, I know what you think you want. But what does getting toned mean? Magazines and misconceptions about women’s fitness have caused the word “toned” to become very popular. But do you want in on a secret? “Toning” is not a thing. However, we understand you probably mean that you want to look leaner and have more definition in your body shape. So even though toning isn’t really a thing, 90% of the population thinks it’s a thing, so let’s call it a thing and explore it.

So tell me how to look toned then.

Toning is what we think of when we want to look more defined in musculature. There are a couple of ways to do this.

First,¬†start by just losing weight. We all have muscle under our fluff, and losing the fluff will reveal more of what we have. This looks more “toned.”

Well, I did that, and I’m still not toned.

Yeah, there’s that. So, we don’t all have a LOT of muscle under our fluff. In that case, we need to take corrective action. In this case, corrective action means adding muscle. To add muscle, the biggest bang for your toning buck is resistance training. This can be at home stuff, doing body weight exercises, and some HIIT stuff (like real HIIT, not pretend).

The best thing to do though, is hit the gym. At the gym, you will find a vast selection of machines and free weights that once lifted, over and over, will add muscle to your frame. This will give you that toned look you’re after, factoring in point A above, that you’ve removed the fluff covering the muscle.

The best approach is doing both. Get rid of the fluff, and lift weights to add muscle. Then proceed to the beach or pool to show off your new toned body.

The best time to start this is when you finish reading this blog.

No, don’t comment, go directly to the gym. Do not pass fridge en route.

Happy toning!!