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How much creatine should I take?

Short Answer

Take 3-5g per day. There is no need to cycle on or off of creatine. While some supplement manufactures may recommend “creatine loading”, there is no need for this.

Long Answer

Creatine (Cr) is one of the, if not the most researched & effective supplements in the world. Creatine supplementation allows you to perform high intensity work for longer durations[1]

A common method to start creatine supplementation is to “load” creatine with a dose of 20g spread throughout the day for 7-5 days. [2] Hultman et al. found that creatine loading may not even be needed and that supplementation with as little as 0.029g/kg caused muscle saturation after 28 days.[3]

A safe recommendation for creatine supplementation is no loading phase with a daily dosage of 3-5g/day[4][1]

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