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Cut Or Bulk

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Should I Cut Or Bulk?

Short Answer

You need to be comfortable gaining weight before you even consider a bulk.

Long Answer

Body fat percentages for men and women to bulk and cut:

Typically, with women, diet to 17-22% BF and bulk back up to 24-27% BF and repeat. Typically, with men, diet to 10-12% BF and bulk back up to 15-18% BF and repeat.[1]

Remember that the goal is to lose steadily but avoid rapid fat loss, as this will cause an unwanted loss of lean body mass with fat. When gaining, the goal is to gain slowly to minimize fat gain and minimize muscle gain.

Diet as long as you need to reach your goals. However, approximately every 8-12 weeks, take a two week diet break. During a diet break, you will either not track or you can increase your calories back to your maintenance calories. Stay there for a two weeks and then start dieting again at your previous macros.

  1. General Philosophies of Muscle Mass Gain. Lyle McDonald,
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