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In today’s show, my co-host, Hannah Clausen and I hosted wonderful Nikki Strong of Precision Nutrition. Since Nikki is a registered dietitian and a coach, who also work with other coaches, we used the opportunity to ask questions from her area of expertise that pertains to some of the most common issues we often face while helping and coaching people. Particularly people who come with us but aren’t yet either ready for a change or maybe ambivalent about changing their lifestyle to achieve their goals.  

And those questions were: 

  • What is the readiness to change and how do we actually get to it?
  • Is change always linear (i.e. do we always go through stages of change)?
  • Is any motivation a ‘good thing’ if it pushes us into making positive changes?
  • How to bring people back to the ’now’ when they overthink their readiness to change?
  • Why do people sometimes cycle between contemplation of change and action, and back to contemplation?
  • How to convert high levels of enthusiasm into realistic goals?
  • How important is clarity of the process and goals for making sustainable changes?
  • How to keep your identity and values while making radical lifestyle changes?   

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