Should You Lift or Do Cardio During Weight Loss

Harken yourself back to high school when you were forced to read some Shakespeare.

While Shakespeare was arduous for most of us to get through, we do remember one very famous line…

Lifting or Cardio, that is the question.

OK, fine. Maybe I spun old Billy’s words a bit.

But let’s be real for a minute, this is one of the biggest questions that people have when they are trying to lose weight.

Should you lift or do cardio?

Well, the answer is two-fold: you should do either, but you can also do both.

Doing one or the other, or both have different effects on your body. And thankfully from a scientific perspective, we have a pretty good idea of what happens.

Just take a quick peek figure below

So here is really what we know and how we can use it to get the results we want.

If you just do resistance training you will see a small drop in body fat and waist size, but you will also see an increase and lean muscle tissue.

If you just do cardio you will see more weight loss than just resistance training as well as a greater drop in waist size. However, you won’t see any increases in lean muscle tissue.

If you do both resistance training and cardio you will see the most weight loss, drop in waist size, and still see increases in lean muscle tissue.

So the answer really is, pick your poison. Each one has its benefits and its drawbacks, doing them together during weight loss appears to have the most benefit!