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The episode at hand is a conversation I had with our coach and my teammate Hannah Clausen, and her awesome client Gabe Hill. They were both kind enough to take a chunk of their busy schedules and it was my absolute pleasure discussing the details of Gabe’s incredibly inspirational story of losing over 160 lbs and completely transforming his life since he started working with us.  

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And I hope we’ll provide the same through the following conversation, in which:

  • Gabe talks about how he got to a place where he desperately needed a shift in his life
  • He gives us a detailed insight into his previous dieting experiences that, instead of helping him, contributed to a lot of his weight management issues
  • Hannah, Gabe, and I share our thoughts on:
    • experiences on bullying
    • decisions which in retrospect were more harmful than useful
    • the role of parents pertaining to our weight management
    • how our eating habits from our childhood shaped our coping mechanisms and affected our decisions and behaviour during adolescent and adult ages
  • The three of us emphasised the importance of education on eating and nutrition
  • Gabe reflects on his family’s eating habits and how that influenced his food environment

We spoke as well about our personal experiences with binge-eating and how it translated into Intermittent Fasting, and we concluded the episode with Gabe’s inspirational story of how his relationship with food has evolved since he joined Macros Inc as a client


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