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With this episode, we have decided to introduce a completely new segment to this podcast. The working title is “Meet the Team”, and it’s rather self-explanatory. 

The main mission behind these interviews is to allow you to get to know us a bit better, in a more candid and transparent manner. There is a general problem with the Fitness Industry, especially within the scope of Social Media influencers, with perpetuating the highlight reel, while leaving the real-life situation in shadows, which makes a lot of people who follow fitness models and athletes oftentimes uninspired and in despair, instead of the opposite. Simply because the highlight reels are not relatable to the vast majority of people.

And that’s where this segment comes in – in the first episode, I interview my co-host, one of our lead coaches, Hannah Clausen, and we both bring only the behind the scene to the spotlight. 

Our goal was not only to talk only about Hannah’s personal life, but to give you a better insight into Hannah’s past and current obstacles, and providing guidance and advice through telling you how she overcame those struggles.  

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