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Recently, I had a pleasure talking to the one and only Peter Baker, a fitness professional, a writer, an author, and overall a fantastic human being. And, as it often happens, when I meet someone I admire and respect, I tend to say something cringe-worthy that haunts me forever. With Peter, it wasn’t any different, but even though I accidentally announced him as Peter Parker, it didn’t stop him from contributing with absolutely golden information on topics listed below.

And speaking of contributions, my teammate Hannah Clausen joined me as a co-host, and it was my utter pleasure sharing a microphone with someone who, ironically, forgot to plug in the microphone. I promised Hannah I would troll her, and I deliver on my promises.

Main topics we discussed:

  • Peter’s background and his interesting story of how he became a fitness professional and how he got to a point where he is now.
  • Metabolism and the concept of metabolic adaptation
  • Individual and contextual differences in metabolic adaption
  • Changes in maintenance calories at the same body weight after weight regain

And we also briefly touched upon the set point theory and the concept of reverse dieting, which is a topic we will start with and delve into in Part 2 of my conversation with Peter Baker and our very own Hannah Clausen.  


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