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In today’s episode, our very own Corey Robb joined me as a co-host in one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve ever had with the wonderful Leigh Peele – a nutrition and fitness expert, an author, prominent writer, coach, and a public speaker.

We based the first part of our dialogue on myths and misconceptions about metabolism, and therefore 

  • Leigh taught us about metabolism in the most enjoyable and easy-to-understand manner
  • We talk about the myths and truths about boosting and slowing down the metabolic rate, and what that actually means in a practical sense
  • Myths and misconceptions about effects fasting and intermittent fasting on “jumpstarting” or “resetting” body’s metabolism    
  • A question “Can we hack our bodies?” came as a joke and grew into a valuable dialogue about:
    • metabolic adaption
    • NEAT
    • mental resilience during dieting
    • and the importance of understanding how our bodies work

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