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Online Nutrition Coaching

No rules, no more banned foods, and no restrictions.


Imagine a diet where NO food is off-limits.

What’s the worst thing about being on a diet? For us, it’s having to say…

“No I can’t, I’m on a diet.”

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

At Macros Inc, we say yes to great tasting food, a thriving social life, and yes those sweet treats too.

When you sign up for our nutrition coaching, your hand-picked coach will guide you through simple lifestyle changes. Our powerful technology, thriving community and 24-hour support means you’ll stay on track, forever.

Say yes to our 2-week free trial, and say no to restriction – forever.

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You can use our custom-built client portal or other messaging apps to connect with your coach as often as you would like throughout the week.


You will check in with your coach once per week formally to analyze your progress, make changes to your nutrition strategy if needed, and discuss and questions you may have about the process.


Based on your data, we’ll pick a coach who we think is right for you. Together, you’ll collaborate on a strategy to help you achieve your goals in a way that’s manageable for you.


We have an exclusive partnership with My Macros+. Use their powerful software to easily track your diet.

Which coaching option is right for you?

Online Nutrition Coaching
$149 (2-week free trial)
USD, billed monthly after a 2-week trial
Personalized nutrition support, with macro targets updated as needed.
24-hour coaching
Access to our powerful client software and community
3 month minimum commitment
Customized, ongoing training support
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Perfect for those just starting out, if you aren’t comfortable in the gym, or if you need a little extra ‘push’ to get the results you want.

Complete Online Coaching
USD, billed monthly
Personalized nutrition support, with macro targets updated as needed.
24-hour coaching
Access to our powerful client software and community
Customized, ongoing training support
3 month minimum commitment

Gym program not quite cutting it? Want to go ‘all in’ on your new lifestyle, without breaking the bank? Try our Complete Online Coaching.


Our nutrition coaching is just $149 per month after our 2-week free trial. We ask for a 3 month minimum commitment, because we’ve found that those who really commit (even for as little as three months) are more likely to succeed. After that, your membership can be cancelled at any time for zero charge.

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Frequently Asked questions

What happens after I sign up?

We’ll assign you a coach within 24 hours, and your coach will contact you within 24 hours after that to arrange a time for your initial consultation. You’ll also be given access to our client portal and clients-only Facebook group, so you can get to know everyone. 

During your consultation, your coach will walk you through everything else you need to know!

How is my coach assigned?

We have a number of coaches, all with different personalities and skillsets. We’ll aim to match you with the coach that will suit you best and who has space on their client roster to dedicate the time to you that you deserve.

Do I get a training program with this diet?

No, but we do offer a complete coaching option where your Macros Inc coach will take care of both your training and nutrition. Click here to learn more.

Can I cancel at any time during the free trial?

You can cancel at any time within the 14 days after you start your trial. After that, we ask that our clients commit for 3 months – our client history shows that you’re more likely to succeed this way. Within the first three months, cancellations will be charged at the number of remaining whole months, multiplied by the monthly rate. E.g. if you cancel with 2 months remaining, you will be charged 2 x $139 = $278. After that, you may cancel at any time.  

Do I get a meal plan?

Nobody ever stuck to a meal plan for life – and that’s what we’re all about at Macros Inc. #livefantastic is for life, not just for a short-term diet. We aim to teach you habits, skills, and attitudes that last a lifetime.

How can I find out more about flexible dieting?

We’re so glad you asked. We actually have a free eBook that you can download here.