Plug into the Macros Inc Matrix

You’ve asked.

We have answered the call.

Several months ago we sat down with several of our Macros Inc audience and asked them one simple question, “What can we do to better serve you”

And every single one of them said, “I wish you had a podcast that we could listen to”.

So, we set to work.

Over the last several months we have been working hard to bring to you a new Macros Inc podcast.

One that is 100% focused on you, our clients and our audience.

And as of today, our new podcast MI Live, is officially on air!

The best part is… it is 100% binge-ready as we have 5 episodes already loaded up and another 5 episodes that go live over the next few days!d

That means at least 10 hours of listening pleasure right from jump.

And we should be adding 3-5 hours more of content every week!

So grab your headphones, find us on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Sticher, or and tune in!

Just search for MI Live in these podcasting apps and binge your heart out.