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I had a pleasure to sit down and talk to Andrea Valdez of the 3DMJ, about a topic of Social Media and its role in body image, comparison, the dominance of vanity, and how do those aspects influence our choices, goals, and desires. 

I framed most of my question from the perspective of women, which stemmed primarily from discussions I have with my female clients, who make 100% of my clientele. So my intent was never to generalise these issues as gender-specific, but rather to learn from Andrea, who has been in trenches longer than I have, and in doing so provide, hopefully, valuable information to all of you. 

In today’s show: 

  • Andrea gave us an example on messages she sends out via social media 
  • We talk about vanity and sanctimony portrayed by online fitness models
  • Andrea gives a very objective opinion on immaturity and attention-seeking that is prevalent in the online fitness industry
  • We opened up an important dialogue about comparison with fitness influencers and athletes and the ideal body image they project
  • Andrea tells us how she dealt with women comparing themselves to her or telling her they want to look like her
  • What is the real norm, versus the norm portrayed by social media influencers
  • The anxiety to post social media content 
  • Andrea talks about her own experiences with negative and hurtful comments
  • She also teaches us a valuable lesson about our need for social media and how she learned not to emotionally attach to it

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