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Even though this is a direct continuation of my interview with our director of coaching Corey Robb and his wonderful and inspiring client Cheryl, I have to add that this has been one of the most enjoyable conversations I ever had. 

The reason is simply that Cheryl is absolutely captivating with telling her story, but it’s not about the intricacies of her story, but rather with what kind of a mind-frame she tells it. Every single word Cheryl uttered you could just sense the gratitude and a new-found love and respect she has for her health and her body. It is infectious and inspiring. 

In this episode, I asked: 

  • where Cheryl is in terms of her weight and physical ability right now
  • how did Corey help Cheryl detach herself emotionally from number-centric goals and both of them how to treat those numbers only as milestones
  • why does Cheryl want to lose 90lbs total and what does that number   to her
  • what are their current and future goals
  • And at the end of it, both Cheryl and Corey gave their advice and encouragement to people who are in a similar position where Cheryl was at the beginning of her journey

This the second and the last part of a two-part series that we truly urge everyone to listen to.  


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