Surviving Vs. Thriving


Let’s be real for a second. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air right now about a lot of things.

I mean, yesterday it snowed here and then was like 55 degrees and sunny 2 hours later. It is a bit unpredictable.

Facing uncertainty and not being able to predict exactly what is in store tomorrow, next week, or next month usually leads us to one specific behavior.


We often let life sort of pause and just hope things keep moving in the right direction.

We sort of hope that things end up the way we want them to.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have control over the rest of the world or exactly how things play out, but we do have control over one thing.


We get to chose the actions we take.

Whenever there are times of uncertainty in life, it is always best to invest in yourself.

Maybe that means investing time into developing a new skill you have been delaying.

Maybe that means investing financial resources into your health and fitness.

Maybe that means investing some work into your stress management tools.

Maybe that means finally catching up on the sleep debt you have accrued over the last 10 years.

There are numerous ways to invest in yourself, and times of uncertainty are often the best time to do that.

Speaking of investing in yourself. We are definitely taking advantage of this time and investing in our clients, our company, and our audience.

I want to invite you to check out three of our biggest free resources that we have developed over the last several weeks and months. These are things that can help you take immediate action today.

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The second is NutriWiki. NutriWiki is a free resource that we built to provide quick, easy to digest, nutrition information for you to be able to access at any time. All your questions are answered in NutriWiki!

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The last resource is our daily live videos we have been doing on our Facebook group. We have been hosting a live discussion every day at 12 Noon PST to answer questions from our group and also have a little fun during the day. They are definitely worth tuning into for an hour over your lunch break! Just pop on by in our group and tune in.

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