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In today’s episode, we are going back to my conversation with the incredible Gabe Hill, who lost over 160 lbs after joining our coaching service. My co-host, and Gabe’s coach, Hannah Clausen, joined me in the continuation of the dialogue about Gabe’s inspiring story. 

One of the things that particularly strike me about Gabe is how much his challenges, struggles, but also victories remind me of my past. Sometimes, we are so caught up with a tunnel vision of looking better and being slimmer and more muscular that we forget other impactful changes many of us who’ve lost a lot of weight experienced. Such as being finally able to buy regular sized clothes in regular shops, being able to fit in a restaurant chair, or not needing an extension for the aeroplane seat. 

In today’s show: 

  • Gabe talks about how he overcame restrictive eating and “banking” calories in order to have one massive dinner
  • We discuss the importance of not valuing yourself and the progress through numbers but rather attaching yourself to more important intangible victories
  • Hannah and Gabe are taking us through their coaching relationship and how it started
  • Gabe talks about his initial experiences starting as a Macros Inc client with his first coach, Jay Woith, and how much they both learned from each other
  • We learned what keeps Gabe going and how he turned his struggles into a passionate desire to help others
  • Gabe explains how much his life has changed since he invested in our coaching service 
  • What’s the future like for Gabe? He talks about his future goals and challenges.  

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