Flex Your Dollars

Use your HSA/FSA for Life-Changing Coaching

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Flex Your Dollars

Use your HSA/FSA for Life-Changing Coaching

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How to Use your HSA/FSA

Life’s hectic we get it, which is why we have made using your HSA/FSA easier than ever. Follow the three easy steps below and you will be on your way to saving money in no time!

Step 1: Complete the form below

After you complete the form below send the generated Letter of Medical Necessity to your physician to sign! Macros Inc does not require your letter of medical necessity – it is only for your records.

Step 2: Sign up for coaching!

Our coaching is all about finding creative ways to make fitness and nutrition work for you, no matter how busy you may be. We’ll tailor workouts to fit your unique lifestyle. And if tracking macros isn’t your thing, don’t worry- we have plenty of other strategies from simple habit changes to ointiutive eating to help you succeed. 

Select a package below to get started today!

Step 3: Print your Membership Purchase Receipt

After you have signed up for coaching print your membership purchase receipt which will be in your email records after you sign up. Then just submit the letter of medical necessity and receipt to your HSA/FSA provider to be reimbursed.

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Please note, claim processes vary by plan so please check with your provider or HR representative.


Letter of medical necessity

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We are sorry, but we do not work with new clients who are pregnant.
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