High Protein

High-Protein Hot Chicken Sandwich


If you enjoy spicy chicken, then you have to try our High-Protein Hot Chicken Sandwich for dinner! We use protein-rich lean ground chicken seasoned with a fiery mix of cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, chili powder, and chili flakes to create a juicy patty. Served in a toasted potato roll with hot sauce and pickle slices, […]

Macro-Friendly Chipotle Chili Mac


Love chili and mac n’ cheese? This one’s for you! Our macro-friendly Chipotle Chili Mac is packed with protein-rich ground beef, savory onions, chopped tomatoes, and the smoky kick of chipotle peppers. Seasoned with garlic, coriander, cumin, chili powder, and just the right amount of green chilies for a satisfying heat. We’ve opted for Banza […]

Eggnog Protein Smoothie


Boost your mornings with our Eggnog Protein Smoothie! Combining vanilla protein, almond milk, spices, and a touch of sweetness for a nutritious holiday-inspired delight. To see more recipes like this, check out our Top 10 Festive Holiday Treats blog, here Want to see more macro-friendly recipes? Sign up below and we’ll send you our FREE […]

Protein Angel Food Cake


Introducing our Protein Angel Food Cake – a low-in-fat and utterly divine dessert option! Made with protein-rich whey and whisked egg whites, cream of tartar, a little sweetener, and smooth vanilla extract for flavor, this cake is incredibly light and fluffy. Topped with either a refreshing Greek yogurt frosting, fresh fruit, syrup or chocolate chips, […]

Protein Fluff


Try our Protein Fluff recipe for a super light and high-in-protein dessert! Think slightly frozen fluffy clouds of protein deliciousness, so light in texture and low in calories that you can top this heavenly bowl with a variety of toppings! Add blended frozen fruit for added goodness, PB2 for a peanut flavoring, or crushed cereal […]

High Protein Pizookie


Introducing our take on the gooey chocolate chip cookie with our Protein Pizookie for a delicious, healthier dessert alternative! This recipe is so simple to make using just four core ingredients of protein-rich whey, fluffy egg whites, naturally sweet pumpkin puree, and baking soda. Decorate with a variety of toppings such as chocolate chips, creamy […]

Protein Jello Parfait


Introducing our Protein Jello Parfait – a light and creamy dessert that packs a delicious protein punch! Enjoy this sugar-free jello base topped with sugar-free pudding mix and layers of creamy fresh Greek yogurt with any additional mix-ins such as fresh fruit or granola for crunch and bursts of flavor. Discover more recipes like this […]

Chicken Parmesan


Introducing our Chicken Parmesan – an Italian inspired healthy and delicious, high-protein dinner option. Enjoy this tasty baked chicken breast coated in crispy bread crumbs, a little parmesan, and Italian seasoning, topped off with a tangy tomato pasta sauce and served alongside pasta, or for a lighter option spaghetti squash. Discover more recipes like this […]

BBQ Ranch Chicken Pizza


Pizza night is back on the menu with our macro-friendly BBQ Ranch Chicken Pizza! With a BBQ sauce-covered flatout wrap base, and diced grilled chicken breast, topped with a drizzle of light Ranch – this pizza makes a great high-protein treat for dinner. Discover more recipes like this in our cookbook! Want to see more […]

Hawaiian Chicken


Introducing our Hawaiian Chicken – a high-protein dish with a sweet pineapple punch that is perfect for dinner! Enjoy a colorful mix of slow-cooked tender chicken breast pieces marinaded in a tangy BBQ sauce with sweet pineapple chunks for a burst of flavor, served with a side of rice or cauliflower rice. Discover more recipes […]