Terms & Conditions

A. Free Trial: Any free trial period on ANY Macros Inc coaching program will start immediately once the client submits their payment information. Once the trial period is over, the client will automatically be billed for their coaching program/package in accordance with the coaching type below.

B. Commitment: Once your trial period is over (if applicable), you are placed into a minimum contract of three months. Contract length past three months will depend on the length of coaching purchased. After your initial three month commitment is over, your membership will continue to renew until you cancel coaching. After your three month initial contract is over, you are free to cancel coaching at anytime.​​​​​​​

C. Reenrolling: Once you complete your Macros Inc coaching contract and leave coaching, should you return to coaching, all clients are subject to a new three month minimum time commitment.

D. Refunds: We offer a free two-week free trial on nutrition coaching. Past that point, we do not give refunds on coaching. This is due to the fact that all of our coaching is custom tailored to our clients. All of our expert coaches are trained to provide a personalized solution for every individual client, and consistently dedicate all reasonable time and effort to help you achieve your goals. We have internal procedures to ensure that all of our coaches conduct themselves to the highest standard, and we take this very seriously. As stated in section B, we do require a three month minimum with all coaching plans. This is because real change takes time and hard work. Part of coaching is building the skills, tools, & knowledge required for success. If you’re not satisfied with coaching, just let us know. We’ll do everything in our power to make this a program that provides you with the tools for success.