Own Your Life: Maintenance Miniseries Part 9


Own your life.

I’m not big on “ra-ra”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love motivational speeches and interviews. In fact, I think I share the clip where Will Smith says, “The only difference between you and me, is that I am not afraid to die on a treadmill” every month. There is something about hearing those messages and stories that resonate and provide some motivation.

I’m very much a realist and a pragmatist. So I realize how fleeting those things are and you that you have to find ways to engage in meaningful change. Things that actually change the course of a life.

What I do believe in to the core of my being is empowerment. And to me, that is what coaching is all about. Empowering people.

One of the biggest things we try and teach our clients that sets them up for success in maintenance is to own your life.

Own the decisions you make.
Own the effort you put into things.
Own your mistakes.
Own your journey.

Life is going to throw an absurd amount of curveballs at you (yes 2020, I am pointing at you) and at times it will feel like a kick in the shin.

But you get to own how you respond.

A big part of maintenance is owning your life and making conscious efforts to do so.

To take it, control it, and run with it.

You build your life brick by brick. Step-by-step. One action at a time.

Own laying your bricks, because you are the only person who can lay them. No one else can lay them for you, that is entirely up to you.