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Where our coaches cover all bases to help you eat better, move more, and live fantastic. Our fitness and nutrition coaches give you personalized nutrition guidance, workouts built from scratch (just for you), and our trademark support systems – it’s everything you need to turn your goals into reality.


The last piece of your lifestyle puzzle.

Gabe has lost over 160 lbs with Macros Inc Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching. Not only that, but he’s slashed his health insurance premiums, hits the dancefloor at weddings, and now runs Tough Mudders for fun. 

Piecing together your new lifestyle can often feel overwhelming. So many decisions to make, new habits to build, and activities to prioritise. 

That’s where our Fitness and Nutrition Coaching comes in. It’s an online coaching service specifically tailored to help you embrace, manage, and eventually master your new life. Our purpose is to help you eat better, move more, and live fantastic – and working with a fitness and nutrition coach will allow you to do just that.



Expert guidance, so you can take your next step with confidence. 

With decades of combined experience, we know what makes an online coaching service truly fantastic.

“The difference in price for full online fitness and nutrition coaching compared to nutrition only was so small – so I thought it was silly to not get it. I was already working out, and you guys are so knowledgeable that I thought I was crazy not to take advantage of the offer.

With Macros Inc Fitness and Nutrition coaching, I’m working out for half the time, and seeing double the results compared to before. I work out at home, so it’s like a get a really inexpensive personal trainer and no monthly gym fees!”

Christie, Fitness and Nutrition Coaching Client

Complete your new lifestyle with Macros Inc Online Coaching.

At Macros Inc, we take a proactive role in your success. Your coach will work with you week after week to set realistic targets and develop key lifestyle habits for your goals. Chat with your coach multiple times throughout the week, using the same messaging platforms you’d use with your friends. Our purpose-built software allows you to share your successes with your coach, look back at your progress over time, and keep you on track. 

We’re more than just a digital advice service – with our deeply personalized approach to your nutrition, training, and support, you’ll learn how to #livefantastic, forever.

Select your fitness and nutrition coaching package

fitness and nutrition coaching
USD, billed monthly
Personalized nutrition support, with macro targets updated as needed.
24-hour coaching
Access to our powerful client software and community
3 month minimum commitment
Customized, ongoing training support - workout programs designed just for you, and updated as you make progress.
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Select your commitment period: 6, or 12 months and receive a discount on your membership.

fitness and nutrition coaching
$189/month with 6 month commitment
USD, billed monthly
Personalized nutrition support, with macro targets updated as needed.
24-hour coaching
Access to our powerful client software and community
Customized, ongoing training support - workout programs designed just for you, and updated as you make progress.

Complete, yet affordable.

Our Fitness and Nutrition Coaching is just $199 per month – less than what most people spend on coffee each day. We ask for a minimum commitment of three months, as we’ve found that those who really commit (even for as little as three months) are more likely to succeed. After that, your membership can be cancelled at any time for zero charge.


“There was no pressure, no judgement, just appropriate guidance and encouragement to make realistic, sustainable changes at my pace.

My video call with Darko was a game changer. Here was someone who not only understood what I was going through, but could help without judgement of what I perceived were my failings. I finally felt like I had someone in my corner. I felt like I had hope, something I hadn’t had before… it felt like an investment in my health. Over the next 5 months:

  • I started losing weight
  • I started feeling healthier
  • I started getting stronger and fitter
  • My cholesterol started reducing
  • I started gaining confidence in my own body and what it could do rather than focusing on how it looked
  • I started pushing myself that little bit more out of my comfort zone
  • I started feeling empowered and in control
  • I gained HOPE

I would never have ever believed I was capable of doing what I have in the 5 months since I started with Macros inc. I’ve run 2x10k races, deadlifted/squatted 100kg, have gone down 2 dress sizes and lost around 25lbs. That now means I’ve fully undone the weight gain caused by my medication. Not only that, I’ve started to push myself by joining a running club and volunteering at local parkruns. What I’ve learnt about eating and fueling my body has helped completely transformed my body into something strong and powerful, as well as a healthy relationship with food. The training I’m doing gives me focus and an achievable, positive target to aim for. I’m even now training for a Half Marathon in March to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind. All of these things I wouldn’t have even dreamed of being possible 6 months ago when life felt bleak and beyond help. The supportive and empowering community I’ve discovered through Macros Inc is helping me gradually build my confidence and self esteem back.”

~ Sarah, Macros Inc client

Frequently Asked questions

What happens after I sign up?

We’ll assign you a coach within 24 hours, and your coach will contact you within 24 hours after that to arrange a time for your initial consultation. You’ll also be given access to our client portal and clients-only Facebook group, so you can get to know everyone. 

During your consultation, your coach will walk you through everything else you need to know!

How is my coach assigned?

We have a number of coaches, all with different personalities and skillsets. We’ll aim to match you with the coach that will suit you best and who has space on their client roster to dedicate the time to you that you deserve.

Do I get a training program with this diet?

Yes! Your coach will provide you with regular updates to your training program, too – it evolves as you do.

Is this suitable for people with a home gym?

Yes! We will adapt to whatever gym setup you have at home. Your results may vary depending on what sort of equipment you have access to, but this is something that your coach will discuss with you during your consultation.

Can I cancel at any time?

Within the first three months, cancellations will be charged at the number of remaining whole months, multiplied by the monthly rate. E.g. if you cancel with 2 months remaining, you will be charged 2 x $199 = $398. After that, you may cancel at any time.  

Do I get a meal plan?

Nobody ever stuck to a meal plan for life – and that’s what we’re all about at Macros Inc. #livefantastic is for life, not just for a short-term diet. We aim to teach you habits, skills, and attitudes that last a lifetime.

How can I find out more about flexible dieting?

We’re so glad you asked. We actually have a free eBook that you can download here.