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Do carbohydrates actually lower your risk of metabolic disease?

Metabolic Disease

Sugar is the devil. It curdles your insides and causes diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other metabolic diseases. That is what the NYT bestselling books say at least. Well… turns out, best selling books aren’t actually scientific evidence. So let’s look there for out answers. A recent paper was published in the American Journal of […]

How to measure your resting metabolism… and does it really matter?

Resting metabolism

We often hear people say, “I have a slow metabolism“… or “my resting metabolism is low so it is easier for me to gain weight”. It has also become popular for people to have their resting metabolism (also known as basal metabolism) test and then use this as a focal point for your diet. This […]

How to Deal with an Unsupportive Support Structure.


Normally, I am on the science soapbox telling you about what the science says about weight loss, health, or longevity, but today I want to cover something more on the personal side of the weight loss journey. Specifically, your support structure and systems. I’ve been coaching or working with clients or coaches themselves for over […]

Thriving at 50: A Client’s Story of Macros Inc. Coaching

A few years ago since being peri-menopausal, diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and struggling with debilitating anxiety relating to numerous physical injuries and PTSD after a long policing career, I literally hit the wall! And, to add salt to the wound, a miserable soul destructive sedentary job thrown in the mix, just about did me in! My […]

Beyond Tracking Macros: How to Develop Skills for Life

Tracking Macros

Tracking tools & Learning skills for life.  In the Macros Inc Facebook group, we see posts now and then related to the end goal: breaking free from weighing & tracking macros and using the new skills we learned to proceed without the need for these tools.  Is it possible to be successful without tracking?  Yes, […]