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Food Cravings: What They Are And How To Deal With Them


Anyone who’s tried dieting before will likely know the struggle of food cravings. However, cravings aren’t just associated with dieting. Some may crave food when they’re bored or stressed, too. The bottom line is that food cravings can be difficult to unpack, and many people feel upset or ashamed if they give in to cravings. […]

Our Top Tips To Enjoying Your Summer BBQ Without Guilt


Summertime is quickly approaching for many of us! With the anticipation of summer comes more socializing and activities, which often revolve around food… more specifically cookouts and BBQs. Barbecues are a great time to gather, enjoy the nice weather, and relax! Don’t let those Summer BBQs stop you from reaching your nutrition and fitness goals! […]

Fitness Tech: How to Use Apps and Gadgets to Enhance Your Routine


At the most basic level, setting fitness goals isn’t difficult. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, or just improve your overall fitness, having a target in mind makes the journey theoretically straightforward. However, enhancing your routine with tech can make a massive difference. The fitness tech market can be pretty overwhelming though, especially […]

The Best Exercises For Gardening Fitness


It’s gardening season! Undoubtedly one of my favorite times of year – the cool spring breezes, the early bulbs blooming and adding some color to the gardens, the satisfaction of cleaning up the winter debris and getting the garden beds ready for some new plants, the lower back pain… The Importance of Gardening Fitness Yes, […]

Rainy Day Workouts – How to Stay Active on a Wet Day


Rainy days can have a big impact on your workouts if you like doing them outdoors. Unsurprisingly, this’ll mainly cover cardio, but luckily there are plenty of indoor workouts to do if you want to stay active when the weather isn’t great. So, that’s exactly what we’ll cover below. In this article, we’ll list some […]

The Power of Rest Days: Boosting Performance, Muscle, and Strength Gains


In fitness and strength training, we often hear the mantra “no pain, no gain.” While it’s true that hard work and dedication are vital components of achieving fitness goals, there’s another crucial aspect that sometimes gets overlooked: rest days. Today, we’ll explore why rest days are essential for improving performance, building muscle, and gaining strength. […]