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Food Cravings: What They Are And How To Deal With Them


Anyone who’s tried dieting before will likely know the struggle of food cravings. However, cravings aren’t just associated with dieting. Some may crave food when they’re bored or stressed, too. The bottom line is that food cravings can be difficult to unpack, and many people feel upset or ashamed if they give in to cravings. […]

Fitness Tech: How to Use Apps and Gadgets to Enhance Your Routine


At the most basic level, setting fitness goals isn’t difficult. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, or just improve your overall fitness, having a target in mind makes the journey theoretically straightforward. However, enhancing your routine with tech can make a massive difference. The fitness tech market can be pretty overwhelming though, especially […]

Rainy Day Workouts – How to Stay Active on a Wet Day


Rainy days can have a big impact on your workouts if you like doing them outdoors. Unsurprisingly, this’ll mainly cover cardio, but luckily there are plenty of indoor workouts to do if you want to stay active when the weather isn’t great. So, that’s exactly what we’ll cover below. In this article, we’ll list some […]

The Best Macro Tracking Apps to Help You Reach Your Goals in 2024


Tracking your macros can be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of apps you can use to help with this, but the best macro tracking app will have features suitable for your overall tracking goals. In this article, we’ll round up some of the best macro tracking apps currently available. We’ll provide a brief description as […]

The Benefits of Food Tracking And How To Get Started


Many successful diet plans will tell you that healthy eating is as much about awareness as it is the actual food you eat. A major contributor to this is food tracking—a tactic that can help you implement important lifestyle changes along with better eating habits. But what are the actual benefits of food tracking, and […]