Build Your Life: Maintenance Miniseries Part 10

Build Your Life

I woke up this morning in my house at around 5:00 AM in my nice warm bed with my two dogs. I went downstairs into my kitchen that I love, made coffee, opened my email inbox for Macros Inc, and started my work day.

As I poured my first cup of coffee I started thinking to myself, “I own a home, I have a wonderful family, a company I get to work on everyday and serve amazing employees. It took an incredible amount of work to get to today. It took a lot of late nights and early mornings. It took learning new skills. It took uncomfortable situations. It took some massive risks and some gambles. It took believing in myself. It took a lot of help and luck. It took a lot of resiliency and grit. I am very proud of the life I have built and build everyday and the person I had to become to get here,” and it got me thinking about a message I wanted to share with you and how it relates to maintenance and dieting as well.

What you build lasts, what you receive doesn’t. When you think about dieting and weight loss and maintenance there are two approaches: chase results or chase success.

Results can be had relatively quickly and with minimal effort. Success must be built.

Losing weight can be achieved with a variety of “quick hitter” tactics. You can go super low carb and low calorie. You can do carnivore. You can go the HCG route. Those are all ways to lose weight. But those don’t make you successful in the long run.

What did you learn doing those? What hard work did you put in to build your future? What skills did you develop that will allow you to sustain those results over a life time? Will you be able to troubleshoot the next problem you encounter? Will you have the confidence to do it over again if you have to? Will you know when to ask for help? Have you built something you can lean on when you need to or have you just gotten a result in the past you don’t really know how to replicate? Do you have lasting habits in place?

What are you doing today to build your life?