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How It Works

Every month your clients receive access to a live online nutrition lecture hosted by Dr. Brad Dieter. Each lecture is approximately an hour long and will be available for your clients to watch at anytime, if they couldn’t attend live.

Topics covered include (but not limited to):

  • Metabolic Adaptations to Dieting

  • Why Diets Work Until They Don’t

  • Diet and Exercise Play Completely Different Roles in Weight Loss

  • Everything You Need to Know About Supplements

  • Do Carbohydrates Really Cause Weight Gain

  • Cardio or Resistance Training: What Type of Training is Best? 

  • Everything You Need to Know About Protein

  • How to Increase Adherence to your Program


Members that are more engaged tent to stay clients longer, in fact 72% of gym seminar attendees say that it makes them love your business even more. (Source: Event Marketing Institute, 2016)

Offering member only benefits let’s your clients know you appreciate them and love them back.

That’s right. There is no cost to you. None. We do have some requirements:

  1. Every month, you’re required to send out the provided marketing email to all of your current members.
  2. That’s it. There is nothing else.

Different Options

Each facility has different needs, we cater to your needs


Macros Inc Nutrition lectures are monthly webinars that are free for your facility members.

They can also access previous lectures.

These lectures are hosted by Brad Dieter, PhD & cover topics from everyday nutrition myths to how your body can adapt to weight loss.

There is no cost, fees, or charges to provide this to your facility members


In addition to the free monthly nutrition lectures, a Partner Facility also earn $10 per member (per month) that enroll in Macros Inc nutrition coaching from your facility.

The process is simple:

1. iPad Kiosk is installed at your facility
2. Clients are able to enroll in Macros Inc nutrition coaching directly at your gym
3. You’ll receive a $10/month/client commission for every enrollment

There is no cost, fees, or charges to provide this to your facility. There is a one year contract required.


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