You Need to Change Your Timelines. Maintenance Miniseries Part 3

timelines maintenance

One of the things we try and tell our clients is that we need to mentally separate fat loss from maintenance, especially with regard to your timelines.

There are several reasons for this.

The first is that the timelines on fat loss and maintenance are way different. Fat loss is measured in weeks or months. Maintenance is measured in years. The habits you develop for fat loss can help you with maintenance but that isn’t enough.

Maintenance needs to be viewed with a longer horizon and a more appropriate timeline. Things need to be more sustainable.

This often means taking an honest look at your food intake and your exercise and recalibrating after weight loss to see if these are sustainable. If not, make some adjustments.

Here is an example… If you are at a 600 calorie a day deficit you may be driving that by eating substantially less (let’s just say 1500 calories) or by exercising substantially more or both.

You do not need to sustain your weight loss at 1500 calories a day, you may be able to do so at 1900 calories a day. This opens you up to more food freedom… but with that means you also have to be able to be disciplined with having more food freedom. This discipline must last over a much longer timeline.

Compartmentalize maintenance and fat loss in your mind as different phases that require different habits and different timelines.