Set a “Window” for Your Ideal Body Weight


Set a window or an interval for your body weight, not a single number.

We often set a target number in our head. Like a single number and any deviations from that mean failure. This sets you up to failure for a few reasons.

1) Your body weight is dynamic. It changes minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day for reasons completely unrelated to your body fat mass.

2) You may add muscle, bone, glycogen, or other lean mass that is beneficial but adds to the scale. This has nothing to do with your fat mass again, but does add to the scale weight. Like if you lose 50 pounds and then spend 5 years working hard at maintenance you might add 3-5 pounds of muscle and bone tissue but your scale weight is up… you shouldn’t be upset about that.

So if you want a target weight, set it in an window or an interval.

Like let’s say you hit 145 pounds as your target goal weight. You could set an interval of like 142-150… if your body weight drops below 142 for more than 1 week you should consider adding more food.

If it goes above 150 for more than 1 week you could reduce intake or increase expenditure. This makes you more likely to stay on course without over correcting.