Yes, You Have to Build Nutrition Habits and Pay Attention to Your Nutrition Forever.

Nutrition Habits

The goal with all of our clients is to “graduate” them from coaching. We would love them to stay forever from a business perspective, but really we want our coaching to empower them to control their lives after they leave our coaching. A big piece of this involves building nutrition habits that last for life.

Yes, there will even be periods, maybe long periods, where they do not meticulously track their food. However, there will never be periods where they/you don’t need to pay attention to your nutrition or work on honing your nutrition habits.

Probably ever.

Why? Because you will build nutrition habits during fat loss or coaching with us, but to sustain those nutrition habits you have to repeat those habits and that takes some paying attention. If you stop paying attention, there will be consequences (of the cause and effect type).

The analogy I like to tell people is this. You always have to pay attention to your finances in life. Even if you have dug yourself out of all your debt, have a good chunk of money in a savings account, are saving for retirement, and have good cashflows, you STILL have to pay attention to your financials. 6 months of just willy nilly spending and not paying attention can land you in a bad spot.

Your nutrition is the same way, even in maintenance.

You may not need to take your food scale everywhere you go, you may not need to count out every grain of rice you consume, but you don’t get a hall pass to just do whatever you want, whenever you want… I wish you did, but sadly you don’t.