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This free macro calculator will provide you the most accurate macros and calories for your flexible dieting goals. It’s easy to use, simply chose your goal below and you will be taken to the macro calculator that fits your goals.

Once you’re at your calorie calculator, be sure you fill out all the options. Once you’ve filled everything out, you will have the option to have your macros emailed to you or displayed on the screen (we recommend having them emailed to you).

Just starting out and not sure where to go? After your use the macro calculator, make sure you download our free ebook.

If you’re confused after using the macro calculator, we offer 1-1 nutrition coaching. You can find out more about that here.

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Maintain My Weight

Why use a calorie or macro calculator? Weight loss or gain can be determined by calorie (energy) intake vs calorie (energy) expenditure. Simply put, eat less food that you use in a day & you’ll lose weight. Eat more, & you’ll gain weight. Tracking your macros gives to an easy way to measure how many calories you’re taking in.

Once you have your macros calculated, we recommend that you head over and download My Macros+. It is a very easy to use & reliable app to track your macro and calorie intake.