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This free macro calculator will provide you the most accurate macros and calories for your flexible dieting goals.
It’s easy to use – simply chose your goal below and you will be taken to the macro calculator that fits your goals.

Once you have selected your preferred calorie or macro calculator, be sure you fill out all the options as completely as possible. Once you’ve filled everything out, you will have the option to have your macros emailed to you or displayed on the screen (we recommend having them emailed to you).

If you need advice for actionable steps after using the macro calculator, we offer 1-1 nutrition coaching. You can find out more about that here.

I am trying to:

Maintain My Weight

How to Use a Macros Calculator?

We have provided three macro calculator options to choose from to fit your goals – Lose FatMaintain My Weight, and Building Muscle. Each calculator asks for different metrics and provides alternate calculations based on what that goal is. 

Using a free macro calculator like this one is easy, but does require some information from you – such as your height, weight, activity level, and desired outcome. Be sure to fill out this information as accurately as possible, as it is integral to reporting your correct macros.  

Once you have gone through all of the necessary steps, you can either have your results emailed to you and receive a FREE 5-day Intro to Macros Course & subscription to the Macros Inc. Newsletter, or provided to you on the same screen. The resources you will receive via email provide important and actionable information to jump-start your journey into flexible dieting, and can show you what it’s all about. 

Why Use a Calorie Calculator or Macro Calculator?

Weight loss or gain can be determined by calorie (energy) intake vs calorie (energy) expenditure. Simply put, eat less food that you use in a day & you’ll lose weight. Eat more and you’ll gain weight. Sound simple enough? Not always – tracking your macros gives to an easy way to measure how many calories you’re taking in to keep you on track!

Once you have your macros calculated, we recommend that you download the My Macros+ app. It is a very easy to use and reliable app that helps to track your macro and calorie intake. Using a macro calculator is the first step, but the next (and hardest) steps are keeping yourself accountable! But by sticking with it, diligently tracking your intakes every day, and being disciplined with your workout regime can give you the results you are looking for.

Need some additional help with staying motivated, or looking for additional guidance from professionals? We offer online nutritional and fitness coaching packages with 1-on-1 interaction to keep you on the right path. Check it out!